The ground is thawing, birds are chirping, and I'm remembering why I don't mind living in a place who's climate vacillates wildly between zero and 90 degrees. Spring is finally here and we can all shake off those winter blues by finally getting outside and enjoying our yards and gardens. So whether you need grass seed to fix a few patches of turf, tools for your latest spring clean-up project, or gardening supplies to enjoy your favorite warm weather hobby come talk to the experts who've been getting it done since '61. 

The cold weather can do a number on your lawn and spring is the time to get an early start on fixing those bare patches. At Modern Hardware we have a varied selection of grass seeds so you can get optimal preformance in any growing enviornment. Can't get anything but crab-grass to grow in that shady spot under the tree? Try Scotts™ Dense Shade mix. Or maybe you need something to stand up to kids, dogs and everything else? No problem, try the High Traffic flavor. 
Whatever your yard looks like, come by and ask us about grass seed. We'll get your lawn looking great for the summer and show you how we've been getting spring seeding done since 1961.

Between watering, weeding, planting, mowing your lawn takes a lot of work to maintain so why make it harder than it needs to be? Get the right tool for your project and save yourself a bit of time and a lot of head aches. We carry everything you need for those weekend yard work projects: shovels, rakes, weed whackers, hedge cutters, shears, spark plugs, lawn mower wheels - well you get the idea. So whether you're trimming the hedges or fixing the trimmer come talk to the experts who've been getting it done since '61.

Nothing says spring like pulling on a pair of gardening gloves, grabing a set of pruning shears and getting knee deep in a flower bed. We love it too - and that's why we stock a full supply of gardening tools, gloves, seeds and soil to get your lastest gardening project growing strong.
And this year we're also carrying flower pots in a variety of colors and sizes for use indoors or outdoors. So whether you're planting a new flower bed or adding a bit of that green thumb to your window sill, come see the gardening experts who've been getting it done since '61.