Well it's that time of year again - the weather is changing and before we enter the frigid reality of a typical New England winter there's a lot to do! Yard cleanup and winterizing not to mention sealing up any drafts before the cold weather set in. Here at Modern Hardware we have all the items you need to make the transition to colder temperatures easy - and keep your home in good shape until next spring! 

The first step to any lawn clean up is getting the leafs and debris out of the way. At Modern Hardware we have a variety of rakes for all your yard clean up needs. Plastic, aluminum, bamboo - you name it we've got it. 

Every hardware store carries lawn and leaf bags - but at Modern Hardware we take it one step further. Stop fighting to keep your lawn bags open while you fill them; check out our "Leaf Mate Bag Funnel" and see how easy it can make your lawn clean up project.